The aging-in-place boom is here! With more and more homeowners preferring to age in the home, we wanted to dig deeper into their project preferences that will help bring easy home accessibility, security, and comfort. Here are a few tips from our team of experts on how to take advantage of the aging-in-place boom.
Cassie Morien, Senior Content Strategist at Modernize, and Devin Triana, Senior Director of Search Engine Marketing at Modernize, explore "aging in place" insights regarding the home accessibility market.
Cassie Morien, Senior Content Strategist at Modernize, and Megan Wolfe, Manager and Enterprise Client Strategist at Modernize, explore the latest insights regarding the boom in "aging in place," and predictions for 2022.
When choosing between moving to a retirement community or staying home, most retirees choose to stay at home.

In our recent report, we shed light on how Modernize homeowners are preparing for their aging in place with data on the latest trends and industry predictions.

Explore our report to see how you can optimize your sales strategy with our latest insights.
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