Webinar: Fall 2021 Homeowner Survey Results
October 26, 2021 1PM CST
The results from our recent homeowner survey are in! After thousands of responses, we have analyzed the latest homeowner trends and predictions.

In our upcoming Fall 2021 Homeowner Survey Results Webinar we'll be reviewing the latest trends in the home improvement industry and break down our recent findings from our surveys submitted directly by homeowners.

Here are some statistics that we will be sharing in our webinar.
  • 37% of homeowners are pursuing projects to save money
  • 41% of homeowners plan to spend between $2,501 and $10,000 on their upcoming projects  
Our Fall 2021 Homeowner Survey Results Webinar will feature:

Cassie Morien
Lead Homeowner Analyst
Modernize Home Services

Patrick O'Toole
Editorial Director
Qualified Remodeler

Megan Wolfe
Manager, Client Strategy & Development
Modernize Home Services
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Modernize Home Services

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Homeowner Motivation

Get an insider's look on what is driving homeowners to starting their home improvement projects.
Financing and Budgeting

Find out how much homeowners are budgeting and financing, along with what projects they plan to begin.
Level of Homeownership

Implement a strategy for each level of homeownership.